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Periodic Business Reporting

Once you're in business and generating sales, collecting revenues and paying your bills, you need to gauge how you're doing and where you stand. It doesn't do you much good to sell a product for $1.00 when it costs you $1.05 to make. Your books and the financial statements you generate from them are the key to taking your company's "temperature" and measuring its health.

There are four (4) basic types of financial statements ...

Statement of Income ... also known as your Profit and Loss or "P&L" report.

    This report covers your company's operations over a period of time. It's usually produced after every fiscal quarter. It compares your income to your expenses and lets you know if your business is profitable.

Statement of Position ... also known as your Balance Sheet.

This report is a snapshot of your company's value at any point in time. It compares what you own to what you owe with the difference being what your business is worth.

Statement of Cash Flows ... also known as your Cash Flow report.

This report compares your operating funds, your investing activities and any financing activities to determine the short-term health of your company. In particular, this report is a key indicator of your company's ability to pay its immediate bills.

Statement of Changes in Equity ... also known as your SOCE report.

This report measures the changes in your company's worth over a period of time. It's used to help you determine if your company is growing, not only by how much but at what pace. This statement is useful for understanding how your company is growing and can give you a glimpse of where your company's future is headed.

You should produce and review these statements after every fiscal quarter. As our service to you, we help you generate the reports and review them with you until you feel comfortable analyzing them on your own. As your business grows, eventually you'll want to engage with a reputable accounting firm whose professionals are much better qualified to help analyze your firm's performance. What we're offering is to help you get started producing your own financial statements and to teach you the basic vocabulary every business owner should know before long.

Let's be clear about these statements and their importance. They're not just for your benefit. Financial statements are the main form of communicating your company's viability. If you grow like you want to, one day you may find you need an important loan to finance an aggressive expansion campaign. Your lender will want to see these reports. Or maybe you want to invest in property. Your mortgage loan officer will want to see these reports. And if you're wildly successful (and we hope you are), you'll attract venture capital partners or even outright buyers for your business. And if you're at all interested in selling, even a small piece, you will have to furnish these statements and share them with your suitors. In almost any scenario you can think of, a good understanding of your financial statements can only help you. We'll get you started down that road.

This service is offered on a subscription basis. Our price of $24.95 is for one (1) full calendar quarter of financial statement review. You can sign up for as many quarters as you need. Think of this service as a knowledge transfer exercise. Our goal is to help you generate your first few batches of statements and to show you how to do simple analysis with them.

If you're interested in this service, please select your desired number of quarters and click on the Add To Cart button below. You can then go directly to Checkout if you've finished shopping or you can click on Annual Review and Tune-Up to find out more about our annual review and tune-up service.

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