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Small Business Insurance Quotes

Almost all businesses have to face risk. Being in business involves understanding what risks are involved and then taking the steps to mitigate them. Typically, that's where insurance plays a role. We can help you assess your business insurance needs by soliciting quotes from local insurance agencies and then reviewing them with you. Business insurance can take many forms but, for a new startup, the following risks constitute a standard business insurance coverage plan ...

Property Insurance

    If you're just starting out, you may not have a lot of property at risk. Your most valuable physical assets are normally your supplies and your inventory. Anyone in business, even a new startup, is at risk of loss to fire, flood, earthquake, theft and other serious property risks. As rare as those events may be, any one could threaten your supplies and do catastrophic harm to your new venture. Property insurance protects your firm against those risks.

Liability Insurance

    Almost all types of businesses face liability risk too. Liability insurance covers you in case your business is sued for something that happened (or didn't happen) that caused property damage or personal injury to someone. Liability insurance protects your business from the risk of losing a lawsuit should you be responsible for any accidental harm.

People Insurance

Worker's Compensation insurance is legally-mandated coverage that you, the owner, must have to protect your employees against the accidental hazards of working for your company. In South Carolina, you're not required to obtain Worker's Compensation coverage until you have four (4) employees. Once you reach four employees, you don't have a choice. The law in South Carolina requires you to carry a Worker's Compensation policy.


Please note that business insurance typically does not include a health insurance plan for you and your employees. That's an employee benefit. We're not experts in employee benefits but we'd be happy to refer you to a professional in that field at no charge to you.

Also, if your're wondering whether your personal insurance could cover your business risk, remember that you are running a business now or soon will be. As a general rule, you shouldn't mix business and personal finances and that includes insurance. If you do, you may run a much greater risk of having a claim denied should your personal carrier determine your loss occurred while you were conducting business. Keep things simple. Insure against personal risk with personal insurance and against business risk with business insurance.

Our service to you consists of soliciting competitive quotes for a business insurance program from several reputable insurance agencies in your local area (or any agency you choose, for that regard). We'll contact the agencies, explain your business insurance needs and ask for a quote. Once we've received their proposals, we'll review them with you to see if one fits your need and your budget.

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