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Online Accounting Package

Alongside a good bank account, an accounting system is a must for any business, no matter how small. As the primary means of communicating both the performance and value of a business, accounting is often called the "language of business". Your accounting system's records are your "books". Your books contain categorized records of all your invoices, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, payroll, bills, payments, checks, taxes, depreciation, loans and so on.

We have over 20 years of experience running our own businesses with Intuit's QuickBooks. QuickBooks is an industry leader in small business accounting systems but other companies such as Peachtree, Microsoft and Intaact also offer similar products. We're not locked into QuickBooks. As with our banking advice, we receive no compensation of any kind from any package vendor. We'll work with you on any product you like. We simply recommend QuickBooks based on our extensive history with it.

Regardless of which package you choose, we strongly recommend that your first accounting system be an online system accessible through the web. You can buy more expensive systems to download and install on your computer but those packages tend to have more "bells and whistles" than a new business needs to get started. We'll help you keep things simple and inexpensive to begin with and then you can grow into a more sophisticated (and more expensive) system as your new business grows.

Please note that most online accounting systems incur a monthly fee. These fees are not reflected in the price of our service.

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Price: $29.95

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