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Rock Hill, SC

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About MicroHUNT

About Robert E Hunt Jr

Here at MicroHUNT, we started our first small business, a software consulting firm, back in 1992. At that time, we engaged with a lawyer and a CPA to help get started. After that, we did all the rest. We got a small business bank account. We installed QuickBooks on our own. We learned how to read and write contracts. We bought business insurance. And soon enough, we started processing our payroll and reading our own financial statements. Oh, and we wrote software code too.

In 1996, we started another software firm together with two colleagues. Most of the tasks were the same but now we ran payroll for three. We had more sophisticated products and we signed more complex contracts. Our client base grew and we had to figure out how to balance our resources between product development and our other service engagements. And we wrote code too.

In 1998, MicroHUNT hired its first employee. That meant we had to process more complex payroll and had to manage risk management, employee benefits, education and training, vacations and sick time. We also began signing sub-contractor agreements for spot work. And we wrote more code.

In 2004, we were part of yet another software startup, this time, a partnership with six partners. We helped write a complex master partnership agreement, invested heavily in equipment, office space, software tools, market research and the building of a national network of independent sales representatives. And we wrote a lot of code.

Fast forward to 2012 ...

My daughter, Becky, had graduated from South Carolina in 2009 with an Art degree. Soon after, she began doing custom artwork and interior decorating projects for some of her friends. Her friends told their friends and, sure enough, Becky started to get busier and busier. Along with the increased activity and the revenue that came with it, Becky began to realize she could go into business for herself. It sounds like a great story but there was just one problem ...

Becky had never started a business before and grew increasingly frustrated by the uphill task. That's when her father stepped in. Based on my experience, I offered to help. After some reluctance, Becky accepted my offer and, after about a week of working the phones and clicking on various web sites, Becky was in business. It was quick. It was painless. And the sweet 100% discount her father gave her made it affordable. Even better, there was no code to write.

And so with B Designs by Becky up and running, the idea for this venture was hatched. If we can do it for her, why can't we help other talented entrepreneurs like you get their own companies started or perhaps improved? And so here we are. If you need help with your small business, why not give us a call at 803.366.3895 or drop us an e-mail. Better yet, go to our Contact page and fill out a brief form to let us know what you're looking for. The initial consultation is always free with no obligation and no risk to you. It's your turn now. Let's get your business in business.

-- Robert E Hunt Jr, owner, MicroHUNT Consulting.

... solving the big hassles of small business startup ...


Lived in South Carolina since 1990

Married, three daughters, one granddaughter


University of Virginia, 1980

Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics


Digital Equipment Corporation [DEC]

MicroHUNT Consulting

Summit Computer Services

Propeller Head Software

National Diagnostics, Inc

Piedmont Natural Gas

Pinkerton Compliance Services

gradpower, LLC

MicroHUNT Consulting


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